The Existential Medicine Network offers a forum and expanding range of resources for all those devoted to challenging the biomedical model of illness from an existential, phenomenological, hermeneutic, anthropological, logotherapeutic, socio-economic, institutional, psychoanalytic, relational and spiritual perspective.

Its aim is also to challenge the universally institutionalised and yet almost wholly unquestioned and un-phenomenological separation between training and practice in ‘psychotherapy’ on the one hand (including existential psychotherapy) and medical training and practice on the other.

It will do so through sharing and contributing to the current evolution of new forms of existential-phenomenological and meaning-based therapy that are relevant to healthcare in all its dimensions – in particular to medical practice and the meaning to be found in the phenomenon of ‘illness’.

Contributions welcome in the form of comments, articles, further links, additions to our bibliography of literature - and case studies in the practice of psychological therapy for chronic or serious illness. To contribute, post a comment or write to


Aron and Anderson (Ed.) Relational Perspectives on the Body
Boss, Medard  Existential Foundations of Medicine and Psychology                                                   
Broom, Brian  Meaning-full Disease – How personal experience and meanings cause and maintain physical illness
Broom, Brian Somatic Illness and the Patient’s Other Story
Broom, Brian Transforming Clinical Practice Using the MindBody Approach: A Radical Integration
Buber, Martin Between Man and Man
Buber, Martin I and Thou 
Carel, Havi  Illness: The Cry of the Flesh
Chiozza, Luis A.  Hidden Affects in Somatic Disorders
Chiozza, Luis A. Why Do We Fall Ill? - The Story Hiding in the Body
Foucault, Michel The Birth of the Clinic
Goldstein, Kurt  The Organism
Good, Byron J. Medicine, Rationality and Experience
Groddeck, G. The Meaning of Illness.
Heidegger, Martin Zollikon Seminars
Illich, Ivan  Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis -  The Expropriation of Health
Kay, Lily Who Wrote the Book of Life?
Kleinman, Arthur The Illness Narrative; Suffering, Healing and the Human Condition
Lakoff and Johnson, Metaphors We Live By
Lanctot, Guylaine  The Medical Mafia
Leader, Darian and Cornfield, David Why do People Get Ill?
Lewontin, R. C. Biology as Ideology
Mindell, Arnold Working with the Dreaming Body
Roberts, Jane  The Way Toward Health - a Seth book
Roberts, Janine  Fear of the Invisible
Sveneaus, Sven The Hermeneutics of Medicine and the Phenomenology of Health
Tauber, Alfred I. The Immune Self
Welch, Dr. H. Gilbert  Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health
Wilberg, Peter  The Little Book of Hara (Kindle e-book)
Wilberg, Peter  Heidegger, Medicine and ‘Scientific Method’
Wilberg, Peter  From Psychosomatics to Somasemtiotics 
Wilberg, Peter  Awareness, Abuse and the 'Bad Subject' - Kleinian, Lacanian & Tantric Perspectives
Wilberg, Peter  The Illness is the Cure – an introduction to Life Medicine and Life Doctoring, a new existential approach to illness

For further books and web reviews go to Doctor Skeptic 

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